Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Youk Chhang in Time's 100

Youk Chhang hit the world stage this week when Time Magazine announced him in their top 100 Most Influential People in The World, sandwiched between Tyra Banks and George Clooney in the Heroes & Pioneers category. Read more about him in an earlier blog post from last June. It's a suitable tribute to a man who has dedicated the last decade as executive director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, to bringing awareness of the Khmer Rouge crimes to our attention, and providing evidence to the forthcoming KR Tribunal. No doubt, he will deflect the praise onto his DC-Cam team and others, but make no mistake, this man deserves all the credit and kudos he receives. It's a second Time award for Chhang in a matter of months as Time Asia Magazine, at the end of last year, named him as an inspirational Asian Hero.

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Wanna said...

Congratulations to him! He deserves this.