Sunday, May 27, 2007

Digital here I come...

For far too long now I've been procrastinating on when to change from my point and shoot camera to digital...well, my mind is now made up and here's the nail in the coffin:
A complete reel of film, 36 pictures, all look like this, ie. one photo superimposed on top of another...and both films were ones which I'm gutted are ruined. The original film was taken in Cambodia and included shots from the Angkor Conservation Depot and Kim's leaving party, as she waved goodbye to her friends at the Shadow of Angkor guesthouse for her studies in Australia (that's who the crowd of people are on the photo above). The second film, superimposed on the first, included photos from a Yaz Alexander concert, some family snaps and the pictures I took at the recent FA Trophy Final at the new Wembley (that's a picture of myself and my brother Tim with the pitch in the background). I should've changed to digital a long time ago and this is the nudge I need to actually do it.

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