Thursday, May 24, 2007

Children's Book

July will see the publication in paperback, by Random House, of Home Is East, a children's book by author Many Ly. Originally published in 2005, it's the compelling story, set in America, of a young Cambodian girl and her struggle to come to terms with her mother's disappearance and its effect on her father, as they move home to start a new life. The author herself came to America as a 3 year old refugee in 1981 after leaving Cambodia. She was a teacher before moving to Pittsburgh, where she now works for an organization that helps adult learners. She's currently finalizing her second fictional novel, Roots and Wings, about the loss of a young Khmer girl's grandmother.

If anyone has details of a 2oo4 book release, From Genocide to Freedom, by Pan So and Savan Prum, please let me know.

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