Tuesday, May 22, 2007

UK tour dates announced for Kong Nay

Originally booked to appear at the Womad Festival in Wiltshire on 27-29 July, Dickie Chappell has done a great job in expanding Kong Nay's visit to the UK into another dozen tour dates across the country. In addition to the master musician, famed for his likeness to Ray Charles and his expertise on the Chapei, a traditional form of improvised song-making that is often compared to American Delta Blues, the tour will include his protege, Ouch Savy and an hour-long documentary film about the life and work of Arn Chord-Pond, titled The Flute Player. For all of the dates, that include appearances at The Barbican in London, as well as Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and Oxford, in addition to The British Museum, click here. The tour starts in Norwich on 19 July and must not be missed. It's great to see that Kong Nay will also make an appearance on Khmer rapper praCh's forthcoming album, as traditional style meets the new generation. To read more about the revival of traditional Khmer performing arts, click here.

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borin said...

Cambodian JaPei! I like this art very much, it is like a Khmer version of RaP hehe