Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dary in charge

Any visitor to Cambodia will know that motos and cyclos - usually hired for short trips around town - are a male-only domain, unless you take a trip to Kratie and Prey Veng. Bernjul reported on Lonely Planet's Thorntree messageboard that Miss Dary Saing (pictured right) is the only female motodop in Kratie, speaks very good English and will arrange tours around her local area. Meanwhile, in Prey Veng, there are around 150 working cyclos - cyclos are rarely seen beyond the outskirts of Phnom Penh - and there's at least one woman cyclo driver. If you know of more, please leave a comment. If you're looking for a reliable male motodop, click here.


Mr K Y M said...

if you go itunes and look for extreme khmer on podcast.there a feature on female moto driver in phnom penh.i barely see any female driver when i was in srok khmer last fall.

Mr K Y M

Bernjul said...

If you write here about Dary and use my foto I think it would be fair to public at least her mailadress so travellers have the chance to contact her. So if someone want to see Kratie Province:

Greetings from Bernjul