Saturday, December 01, 2007

www accessible at last

It's been a long time coming but it's here at last - an internet connection at my apartment. The phone company guys and the internet installer arrived at the same time this morning - and after scratching their heads momentarily over where to feed my phone line from the street and into the house, they got on with it and in under an hour I was connected to the outside world. However, I won't use it much this evening, as I'm off to a performance of the 'Preah Kho Botr story' at the Sovanna Phum Theatre. It's basically big leather puppets with narrators, singers and dancers and will be only my second-ever visit to this very popular Friday and Saturday night weekly theatre performance. Tomorrow, I'm scheduled to visit the Lighthouse Orphanage in the morning with it's new fund-raiser Georgie, who is throwing herself into her new life in Phnom Penh with three teaching jobs, writing a book and fleecing friends for cash for the kids - only kidding, Georgie. I wrote about the orphanage a few weeks ago and her efforts are a welcome source of revenue for the children that the orphanage supports. More wedding parties are on the horizon, Monday being the first of them, as are parties at Raffles' Le Royal on Wednesday and a food-tasting experience at Romdeng next Friday, for the launch of a new Friends cookbook, 'From Spiders to Water Lilies - Creative Cambodian Cooking with Friends'.

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