Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just in...

The postman has just delivered a package - living in Cambodia I'm not convinced that half the stuff sent to me actually arrives. However, the folks at Makasound, a French re-issue label dedicated to re-acquainting the public with outstanding roots reggae albums, have sent me a CD of their new release, Black Roots In Session. Thanks Makasound.

This new In Session release revisits this amazingly good Bristol-based reggae combo, with tracks from two live studio sessions recorded at BBC Radio One by famous broadcaster John Peel and his partners David 'Kid' Jensen and Peter Powell. The first recording dates back to April 1982 and was broadcast on May 27. The other was broadcast on November 14, the same year. Both were put together on the 1986 Black Roots album In Session, and now reissued for the first time. Makasound have complemented the 10 original tracks with the band's first singles (Bristol Rock/The System), and some alternative versions of other tracks (Chanting for Freedom/Confusion/The Father/Tribal War). All on CD for the first time. Bravo Makasound and double bravo for including my website address in the booklet that accompanied the CD. Links: Makasound; my website.

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