Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good and bad

Well, the week began well, turned ugly and is ending on a high.
Sunday was spent enjoying the delights of Phnom Tamao zoo and a very plush wedding at the 5-star Intercontinental Hotel. That night I was relieved of my new Sony digital camera and $150 in cash by a thief with long arms who took advantage of my nap to get rich quick. The last couple of days I've had an upset stomach that is refusing to go away, but the really positive news, is that if I'm at home in the evenings, its blissfully quiet. Why? The only downside of living in my neighbourhood (besides the monkey-like thief) was a beer garden with noisy karaoke that blasted out til about 11pm every evening, sometimes later. I'm a block away but I could still hear the high-pitched wailing from the 'Moon Club'. Maybe they were actually dogs barking at the full moon! Anyway, its closed down, through lack of patronage I believe and so the shutters are up at the Chan Amret restaurant and beer garden, and the neighbourhood is a far quieter place. Result!
Andy & Ming popped into see me in the office today. They've been working with supplying schools with computers in Phnom Penh and Battambang for at least a couple of years now and we've been e-mail buddies but never met face to face. That was remedied today. Tomorrow I have a bunch of other people to see too. And tonight, I splashed out $350 on a new digital camera, going up a notch to get the T200. Remind me to be careful where I leave the damn thing...

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