Friday, December 07, 2007

And finally on the book front...

My final book discovery of the day comes in the form of author Elsie Burch Donald, whose latest novel, A Model American, was published by Doubleday in July this year and is set in Cambodia in the early 1970s. A small plane piloted by an American hippie goes down in the jungle. It is carrying a US businessman and his wife, a young English women and a Frenchman. The Westerners are rescued by local peasants who welcome them into their world. But the Vietnam War is spilling across the Cambodian borders, an insurgency is on the rise and they must escape the clutches of a brutal Khmer Rouge militia. The author worked as an editor in England before becoming a novelist, divides her time between London and the Dordogne and took two and a half years to write A Model American.

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