Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunset blues

Feeling a bit sorry for myself - well I am a bloke afterall and its one of the few things we can do really well - I went for a haircut at Parkway ($4 and a nice job too) and then out to No 10 Guesthouse at Boeung Kak Lake for a relaxing sunset. The guesthouse is run by my pal Phanna and he arrived soon after with 25 tiny children, all part of an orphanage he helps out, by taking the kids on a trip each week. They are orphans because their parents have died or are suffering from HIV and they soon put an end to my relaxing sunset. The lake itself was strangulated by lines of 'trol khoun' a water-plant that can be fried and eaten with meat, and canoes paddled by small boys were busying themselves with camera-totting tourists at $1 a go for a quick paddle around the lake. Afterwards, I headed for some British grub at the Rising Sun pub near the riverside in order to line my stomach with something substantial after my failure to keep anything inside over the last few days.

1 comment:

Wanna said...

Hi Andy,
I'm just wondering if there's "Traw Kuon" in the UK.
Anyways, hope you'll full recovered soon :)