Sunday, December 02, 2007

A quiet Buddhist retreat

The substantial Tri Leak Pagoda
The face of Buddha at Ta Prohm Pagoda
Worshippers at Tri Leak Pagoda
I was Au Andong village, Prak Pra commune - over the Monivong Bridge and take the first right (street 369) when you hit Chba Ampeou - this morning to pay a visit to the Lighthouse Orphanage when I spied a very large spire sticking up above the houses and of course, being a nosey individual, I had to investigate. It turned out to belong to the Tri Leak pagoda in the top photo, which is the centerpiece of a Buddhist sanctuary that celebrates all forms of Buddhism, well, certainly Khmer and Chinese that I could identify. As it was a Sunday, no-one was around to ask but I found out that the whole complex is called Chlorng Veal Bei. The large face is from a pagoda called Ta Prohm, where the paintwork was still wet and the final photo is a line of worshippers in front of Tri Leak. The complex is far from finished but was a peaceful retreat from the bustling area near the bridge.
I'll post about my visit to the Orphanage a little later.
Apologies for failing to report yesterday that Cambodia finished third in the WOVD Standing Volleyball World Cup with a 3 sets to 1 victory over Poland in the Third Play play-off. They were narrowly beaten in the semi-finals by Slovakia the night before, who in turn were beaten, 3-2 by Germany in the final. This was a great result for Cambodia, who finished 4th in the last two world cup competitions, and has generated a massive amount of positive publicity for the sport of disabled volleyball and for Cambodia itself, in staging this prestigious sporting event. Two Cambodians received individual tournament accolades: Mean Veasna won best server award and Nhen Buntheoun was recognised as the best defender.

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Andy said...

John Vink has documented in images, the CNVLD and the successful Standing Volleyball World Cup. To see his photos, go to his website at:

From his website:
The CNVLD (Cambodian National Volleyball League Disabled) has managed to organise the hosting of the Disabled Volleyball World Cup in Phnom Penh. It is the first time such an event takes place in Cambodia since the sixties. Six teams responded to the invitation. The week long competition ended with Cambodia taking third place from Poland, and Germany taking first place from Slovakia.

In a country where mine accidents still occur nearly every day, the CNVLD tries to rehabilitate through sport the life of those who were maimed but also of those handicapped through illness. By promoting the practice of sport on a high level, it sets an example of courage and commitment for those unlucky enough to be physically at a disadvantage.