Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tim Page - From War to Peace

This coming Sunday (9 Dec) at the Talkin to a Stranger bar in Phnom Penh (St 294. Tel: 012 385 157) one of the best-known Vietnam war photographers, Tim Page (right), will be on hand to present his narrative From War to Peace : Revolutions, Revelations, Resolutions with examples of his award-winning photography and more. Places are limited to sixty, so its best to get your ticket beforehand. A Brit, now living in Australia, he covered conflicts in Southeast Asia from the mid-60s, as well as the Middle East, was wounded in action including a serious head injury and in the 70s worked for magazines like Rolling Stone. His iconic photographs and story are contained in a series of books he's published such as Tim Page's Nam, Ten Years After, Page After Page, Derailed in Uncle Ho's Victory Garden and Requiem, a book containing photographs taken by all of the photographers and journalists killed in Vietnam during the wars against the Japanese, French and Americans. Requiem is now also a photographic exhibition in the Vietnam War Museum in Saigon. He's a big supporter of MAG - the Mines Advisory Group - who do sterling work in Cambodia and elsewhere and all proceeds from the event will go to them. I only found out about the event as I went to the regular Quiz Night at the Talkin bar tonight, and came away as part of the winning team! An excellent quiz, well-attended and thanks to the knowledge of my team-mates - Belinda, Derek, Eric and Nick - I came away a little bit wealthier. Link: Tim Page website.

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