Saturday, December 01, 2007

Scenes from Sokacha

Neang Seda is imprisoned on the island of Lanka
The kidnapper of Neang Seda is the warring Krong Reap
Some of the main characters take a bow at the end of the show
The Sovanna Phum performance this evening was changed at the last minute and the story of Sokacha was performed instead of the Preah Kho Botr story. This just happens to be the same part of the Reamker story I saw on my only other visit to Sovanna Phum so initially I was a little disappointed, until I saw the performance that is, which cheered me up and I was glad I went as on this occasion I was able to follow the story - well, most of it. The performers played their parts impeccably, the comics were funny (which is unusual) and the large audience lapped it up. It would've benefitted from a few verbal explanations of the scenes, especially with the lights out you couldn't read the programme, but I was able to follow most of it, as I saw the show in January. The accompanying music had my feet tapping, the monkey (performer in a monkey mask, rather than a primate on loan from the zoo) was very funny too and the costumes were excellent. All in all, $5 well spent. Recommended viewing if you are in Phnom Penh on a Friday or Saturday evening, despite the prevalence of a French tour group in the two front rows!

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