Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cambodian Smiles

There's nothing quite like a Cambodian smile
It's December 25th and I'm at work. As someone who has had little time for Christmas in the past, its only right that I should haul my ass into work today while the rest of the western world is taking a holiday. Put your money where your mouth is I say. So I have. Christmas Day is just another day on the calendar in Cambodia, and long may it continue. I received a bunch of sms messages and phone calls this morning but the best news came from Sokhom, my long-time sidekick from Kompong Thom. I could hear the pride in his voice as he told me that he's started laying the foundations of his new home. I am so pleased for him and his family. He's lived in a tin shack at the side of National Highway 6 for a long time now and after a dispute with a neighbour, he sold his postage-stamp plot of land a while back. The new 'Im family home' will be on a larger plot of land next to his wife's parents house a few blocks away and for Sokhom, Sroy and Kunthea, it will signify more permanence and stability. I can't wait for the house-warming party....in about a year's time! I was up late last night reading the latest James Rollins novel, The Judas Strain. It's one of those thrillers that you begin and don't want to put down, but the clock struck 2am and I decided on a few hours of shut-eye before work, however it's a cracking read and I haven't even reached the section that involves Angkor yet. Photos: Tim Brouwer

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