Thursday, December 13, 2007


The Hanuman attendees: LtoR: Daroeurn, Delice and the author
A few days ago I attended the excellent Raffles Revelry that the Raffles group hosted as a thank you to their tour company and travel agent partners in Phnom Penh, at Le Royal Hotel. The evening was a great success and well attended. The Raffles team who hosted the event and the gorgeously lit reception area around the swimming pool area can be seen in the two photos below.
* * * * *
A book I forgot to mention in my recent round-up was Autumn Cornwell's Carpe Diem, published by Random House in August and a tale of a teenager's misadventures around SE Asia including Cambodia and Laos. Find out more at the author's website. The author has spent the last couple of summers working with refugees and orphans in SEA and used the experiences to flesh out her first novel.

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