Friday, December 07, 2007

The Sharp end of stolen art

A new novel, Grave Imports, by author Eric Stone is centered around the illegal trade in stolen Cambodian art and is a mix of high adventure in exotic locales, fascinating characters, international commerce, terrible crime and one mixed-up, reluctant hero, Ray Sharp. Published by Bleak House Books in October, I have pinched the following from the author's own Blog as he has linked up with American Assistance for Cambodia to donate funds for their schooling projects via his website. Good job Eric and I wish you success with the novel - and if you send me a copy I'll be ever so pleased to review it.

Crime Fighting With Books
Far too many girls in poor countries are sold into sexual and other forms of slavery by their families. Cambodia, being one of the poorest countries in the world, is no exception. My latest book, Grave Imports, is set in Cambodia. Though it deals with the theft of the country's antiquities, a vital part of the story is the social and economic context in which it takes place. I hope you enjoy the book. Above all, I want it to be entertaining. But if you get anything more than simple amusement out of reading Grave Imports, I hope it's an awareness of the terrible problems facing the people of Cambodia. And of course, I'm hoping to make some money from having written the book. I am trying to earn a living here. But I also want to give something back. Besides making you aware of the problems in Cambodia, I want to do something a bit more concrete. I've donated money from my advance, and will continue to do so from royalties, for Grave Imports to a group called American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC), that I think is doing very important, and good, work in the country. Click here and learn more about AAfC and how you can help its efforts to keep Cambodian girls in school and out of the brothels and sweatshops. And besides the satisfaction of knowing you've helped an important effort, you'll get something extra as a thank you in return. copyright Eric Stone

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