Friday, December 28, 2007

Jimi makes a splash at Hanuman

Jimi with some of his new Hanuman fanbase
Cambodian-born singer-songwriter Jimi Lundy paid a visit to the Hanuman offices in Phnom Penh this lunchtime and found himself a new army of fans amongst our female staff. They all took away a signed copy of his new CD single and are eagerly awaiting his first public appearance in the capital in the next couple of weeks. Jimi is in Cambodia, from his home in Melbourne, Australia, to raise his profile in his homeland and to promote his new single, When We Were Young, and When Tomorrow Comes, a track sung in Khmer and written specifically for the Cambodian market. He's expecting to firm-up a series of public appearances over the next few days, as well as slots on radio and television before he returns to Australia at the end of January. His second independent album will be out later in 2008, the tracks are written but need refining and recording. Jimi, who can play guitar and piano, has just formed his own company in Australia, phm entertainment and has plans to try his fortune in America in the not too distant future. However, for the next month he's concentrating solely on Cambodia and bringing his own brand of sentimental love ballads, heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies to a Cambodian and expat audience.
Two coincidences worth a mention are that Jimi was born in the year of the monkey and has a large tattoo of Hanuman, the monkey god, on his left shoulder. And a charity that he's supported in the past with benefit gigs and is looking to do much more for in 2008 is none other than the Schools for Children of Cambodia organization, a charity that Hanuman is also a keen supporter of. To find out more about Jimi, click here.

Jimi rubbing shoulders with the author


Anonymous said...

Great to hear Jimi arrived there and wish u all the best for ur up coming gigs.

PS. Nice pix Andy. Cheers Tim Pek

Wanna Khan said...

Love his songs, melodious. His works are very professional.