Thursday, December 27, 2007

Camera angles

The film premiere of the feature documentary, Rain Falls from Earth: Surviving Cambodia's Darkest Hour is set to take place in Denver, Colorado in the inaugural Festivus Film Festival on 13 January. Director Steve McClure has been working on this project for quite some time and is ready to share the fruits of his labors for the first time. Rain Falls from Earth is a story of courage, a story of survival and a story of eventual triumph over the Khmer Rouge regime that was responsible for the deaths of over 1.7 million people. The voices of many survivors are heard as they convey their thoughts, ideas and emotions—the very things they were forced to abandon in the killing fields of Cambodia. Narrated by Academy Award nominated actor, Sam Waterston, this film gives a voice to those whose lives were senselessly lost. Find out more here.
Meanwhile, showing at the Meta House in Phnom Penh this Saturday is David Brisbin's brilliant documentary Nice Hat! Five Enigmas in the Life of Cambodia. The spiel says...What does it mean when the royal crown has gone missing, when a single scarf serves both torture and joy, when peasant palm hats speak of ethnic division, when a cloth cap from another country defines a revolution, or when a dancer’s headdress survives 800 years? These are among the hats that frame the Cambodian face, and offer an intimate window on how the Khmer have withstood the worst and embodied the best of humanity for a thousand years. For a deeper insight into Brisbin's documentary, visit the film's website.

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