Saturday, July 01, 2006

Roy Hill & Cry No More

Hats off to eBay, the on-line auction website, where I've just completed my collection of vinyl LP's for the band Cry No More. Their debut album, Smile, released in 1986, had eluded me until now and for less than a fiver a pristine version is now in my LP library. So who are Cry No More you might ask? They were a rocky-pop-fun-cultish duo of Roy Hill and Chas Cronk, who got together in 1985, released three albums and a string of singles before calling it a day in 1994. Their live act was 70% comedy, 30% serious and audience participation was actively encouraged in the colleges, theatres and pubs where they performed. They get together every Christmas for a reunion bash and its a hoot.

My first encounter with Roy Hill (pictured) came about in early 1978 when I saw him perform, with his band, at Hammersmith Odeon and I was hooked. Not only was he from my hometown but his music was top drawer and catchy. I immediately thought he was destined for the top. And so did his record label Arista. However, after one album and a handful of singles failed to chart, the label changed its mind and Roy fell from grace until his re-emergence with Cry No More. Today, Roy is still writing songs and is planning to perform live with his new material sometime soon.

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