Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Ponheary Ly Foundation

For a while now, I've heard the name Ponheary Ly recommended on numerous occasions as being an excellent guide around the temples of Angkor. Of course, there are many excellent guides including my own very good friend, Kim Rieng, who I highly recommend to all, though its always a good idea to be aware of other guides who create such a good impression.

Reading the website of the Ponheary Ly Foundation adds another dimension to the guiding work this former teacher is doing, and that is providing supplies for the school-children around Siem Reap. Bottom-line is $12 buys the necessary items for one child for one year. I haven't met Ponheary Ly (pictured) myself but suggest you have a look at the website set up by two American travelers who state they've seen some of the world, but no destination left an impact quite like Cambodia, and no people ever affected us in quite the same way. They speak very highly of her, as do many other satisfied travellers on various forums and websites. However, if you don't want to hire her for her guiding qualities, perhaps you can consider the worthy cause she promotes in support of the primary school kids in and around Siem Reap.
Read more about the Ponheary Ly Foundation here.

There are a plethora of charities, foundations and people doing great work in Cambodia. This appears to be one such organisation. Another one is the Schools for Children of Cambodia, who are holding an informal gathering on Saturday 5 August in London to update their supporters and volunteers on their current projects. Their Cambodia country Manager Rachel Palmer will be there on a brief visit to the UK, as will actress Cathy Shipton who has recently returned from filming in Cambodia. During her trip Cathy took some time out to visit one of their schools where she spent an afternoon meeting the children and staff, and she'll provide the meeting with an update of her trip and her experiences during her stay in Cambodia. The website for SCC is at

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Lori Carlson said...

Thanks for mentioning the PLF on your site. I just returned from Siem Reap where we sponsored 1200 kids into primary school in 4 village schools. In addition we were able to sponsor 20 kids into secondary school, a dream most poor rural village kids can never achieve.

Can see updates from the field at

Thanks again
Lori Carlson
President, Ponheary Ly Foundation