Friday, July 14, 2006

After They Killed Our Father

Hot off the press...quite the news that Mainstream Publishing have acquired the UK and European rights to After They Killed Our Father by author Loung Ung. The book has already been published in the US by HarperCollins under the title Lucky Child.

Mainstream's Marketing Director Fiona Brownlee is absolutely thrilled with the capture and says; "Loung is extraordinary, young, gorgeous, articulate and incredibly resilient. Her original memoir, First They Killed My Father, in which she described how her parents and most of her family died under Pol Pot's genocidal regime, was an international bestseller and in this new book she describes her own experiences as a refugee who escaped to the West and those of her sister who stayed behind. It is a book which is relevant to everyone. Angelina Jolie recently chose it as her favourite book in a British magazine and said, 'I encourage everyone to read this deeply moving and very important book. Equal to the strength of the book, is the woman who wrote it.'" Mainstream will publish the book in March 2007 and it's hoped Loung will return to Britain for a book tour at that time. Her only previous visit to these shores was in April 2001.

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