Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Pepy Ride folks

During my visit to Battambang in January, I literally bumped into the half dozen cyclists who were on the first-ever Pepy Ride in Cambodia. They were resting - well, they were actually trying their hand at a cooking class at the Smokin' Pot restaurant - after many days on the road as part of their five week trip visiting schools and orphanages and spreading the Pepy message, 'Protect the Earth. Protect Yourself.' The cyclists, including Daniela and Greta who came up with the original idea, were raising funds to support the building of the Pepy Ride school at Chanleas Dai, a small village a few kilometres north of Kralanh on the main highway between Siem Reap and the Thai border. Following that first trip, the Pepy Ride folks are planning lots more cycle tours in Cambodia and have just instigated a bike-to-school program. You can read all about their excellent efforts at their website,

After our meeting in Battambang, I had the opportunity to stop by the Pepy Ride school in Chanleas Dai on my way north to Samraong a few days later. Here's a photo of me next to the mural that the cyclists, children and other volunteers painted to record the official opening of the school building.

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Andy said...

Hi Andy

Your blog just gets better and better - it gives such a wide-ranging view of issues affecting the country.

You mentioned the Smokin' Pot restaurant in BB - been one of our favourites for a while. Ming's been threatening to take the cookery course for a long time but we always seem to be too busy in the schools when we are in town. We always make time for a good amok though :)

Yeah, that Pepy project looks good too. There seem to be lots of small NGOs doing great work.

Andy P