Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Angry Skies - A Cambodian Journey

Blake Kerr is a medical doctor and author who spent 13 years conducting human rights investigations in Tibet and China before shifting his focus to the atrocities in Cambodia. Having made five visits to Cambodia, he returned for a sixth time with a filmmaker friend, Casey Earl - a pseudonym - to capture on camera some of the many stories he had heard. The resultant documentary - The Angry Skies: A Cambodian Journey - is a film based on interviews with several of the highest-ranking Khmer Rouge heirachy including Nuon Chea, Tep Khunnal and Chouk Rin, as well as survivors like Chum Mey.

It premiered in 2004 and later won the award for the best political documentary at the New York International Independent Film. The full two-hour version of the film is shown at festivals across the United States, whilst Dr Kerr also visits college campuses around the country, showing the film and talking about its consequences. A one-hour version for television has been shown in Israel and Poland and with the forthcoming tribunal, he expects it to be broadcast in the United States this summer. He's also writing a book based on his interviews.

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