Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sacrava self portrait

Above is a self-portrait of Bun Heang Ung, drawn to celebrate his forthcoming 55th birthday. Any regular readers of my blog will know how much I like the work of this extremely talented cartoonist and animator who used to work for the Far Eastern Economic Review for many years. Now living and working in Australia, Bun included many of his own drawings in his book, The Murderous Revolution - his real-life struggle to survive the Khmer Rouge regime - which came out in 1985. His own website, Sacrava Toons, displays a wealth of his work, which is regularly critical of the political situation back in his home country. Also have a look at my own webpage on Bun here. And his animated banner representing yours truly riding a moped through Cambodia, can be found at the beginning of my website.
(Self-portrait: reproduced with kind permission)


Wanna said...

He's very talented. I love his drawings so much.
Anyways, I've never seen him in a real photo, but in this self-portrait :o)

Andy said...

Bun tells me he's currently working on a new book of toons of global proportions rather than just focusing on Cambodia. The working title is "Greed, Power and Karma". As soon as I hear any more I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to my dear Ung Bun Heang, born on 10 May 1952 at Battambang city,Cambodia.May lord Bouddha give him a good health(bonne santé),happiness(bonheur),prosperity ( prospérité ),success ( le succès ) and longevity (le longévité ) also Ayou Vannak Sokhak Poleak Neg Padépheaneak. BUN HEANG is a great Khmer cartoonist, live long life, from a mohamit SKM of Cambodia.