Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cambodia Film update

Here's a timely update on some of the films I've mentioned on my blog in recent months.
Currently doing the rounds of the film festivals around the globe and receiving a lot of plaudits are Socheata Poeuv's excellent journey of discovery in New Year Baby and the K11 Project trilogy of films that are raising the awareness of child sexploitation - Holly, A Virgin Harvest and The K11 Journey.
Also getting its first public screenings at the moment are Beth Pielert's Out Of The Poison Tree and the bio of singer Ros Sereysothea, The Golden Voice, while Michael R Morris' feature thriller Last Seen At Angkor will be out on dvd this year.
Two films that are extremely close to completion are Tim Pek's first feature film The Red Sense (photo of actress Sarina Luy above) and Steve McClure's Rain Falls From Earth documentary. Meanwhile, the docu on the golden age of Khmer music, Don't Think I've Forgotten, is currently in post production.
You can find out a lot more and see trailers of these films at the following websites:
New Year Baby
The K11 Project
Out Of The Poison Tree
The Golden Voice
Last Seen At Angkor
The Red Sense
Rain Falls From Earth
Don't Think I've Forgotten


Anonymous said...

Hello sir,
Thank you very much for the list of Khmer movies. "The Red Sense" came out awhile back, I don't find it in US yet. Have you seen this movie yet? Do you happen to know where I can get it? Thank you for your time. aw kun ja.

Best regards,

Andy said...

Hi Thyda,
The Red Sense has not yet been completed or released. There is a trailer of the film on the film's official website but the Director Tim Pek tells me he's in the final stages of completing the film and it should be coming out in the next few months. I will let you know when it is out.
Kind regards, Andy