Friday, April 27, 2007

The Lost Coast of Cambodia

Travel writer Tim Patterson and photographer Ryan Libre crossed into Cambodia at Christmas Eve 2006 and spent the next two months traversing the country's wild Southwest frontier between Koh Kong and Sihanoukville. They are currently putting together a book of their travels to be called The Lost Coast of Cambodia. In Tim's own words, "we met crab fishermen, sex-tourists, at least one axe murderer and a private eco-army paid by Angelina Jolie. We traveled by kayak, jeep, bicycle and long-tail boat; when there was no other way, we walked. We found very beautiful things and very ugly things, but the overwhelming impression we took away was of impermanence. By Christmas 2007, the coast we experienced will no longer exist. By then, a hardtop road will cut through the jungle and oil companies will have begun drilling offshore. On island beaches, newly trained resort staff will sweep away the ashes of campfires lit by nomadic fishermen. Some lives will get better; some lives will get worse."

Tim's website has some working draft chapters for you to read whilst Ryan's website has some gorgeous photos to enjoy. As they work hard on finishing their book, they have a feature on Koh Rong Island coming out in an Australian adventure travel mag called Get Lost, whilst a feature on the Starfish NGO in Sihanoukville can be found here. I wish Tim and Ryan the best of luck and I'll let you know when its published.

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ryan libre said...

hey, thanks for the write up! i like what your doing too. i'll keep checking. i want to learn more about cambodia.