Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Khmer film explosion

The number of feature films and documentaries being produced relating to Cambodia or by Cambodians these days is pretty staggering. I've just heard of two more and I'm sure there are many more out there that I haven't come across yet. If you do know of any, please let me know.

Let's start with an ambitious project by Sothea Studios who've produced a short 15 minute film called The Perfect Date, which is actually the precursor for a feature length comedy about a group of life-long friends, which will be called Finding Natalie. The short film is shot entirely in the Khmer language and is a unique blend of Cambodian and American cultures brought together by the power of comedy. It stars Jared Davis, Paula Danh and Sokham Dira and is directed by Nathaniel Noun. You can find out more about both films here. Also visit their myspace webpage.

The second project is a realistic and gritty feature film Power, Territory and Rice, in Khmer, English and Spanish, written and directed by Sojean Peou, with music and lyrics by Khmer rap star praCh. Sojean tells me, "praCh Ly is the force behind the making of Power, Territory And Rice as it is inspired by him. He's committed to writing new rap songs for the film. It will be shot in and around Long Beach, California on a micro-budget of $50K in October of this year." To find out more about this film, to be produced by Apsara Films, click here.

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