Friday, August 04, 2006

Sunrise Children's Village

I urge you to read about the Sunrise Children's Village here. The folks who run the orphanage, like Geraldine Cox, Gerald Trevor and Rosanna White have been regular e-pals for quite a few years and I've been fortunate to visit their wonderful children's home on a couple of occasions. My last visit in January 2003 was to their new purpose-built location in Takhmau and I was fortunate to witness dance practice and to have lunch with the younger children. One of the dancers was Sok Heng and the picture below brings the memories of that visit flooding back. Geraldine Cox, the larger than life founder of the orphanage, has published a moving account of her life in Home Is Where the Heart Is, and I recommend you get hold of a copy of her book. You can read more about Geraldine and the orphanage here.

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