Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cambodia's Masterpieces

Friends of Khmer Culture (FKC) is a non-profit organization that's been established to support Khmer arts and cultural organisations. Their first priority is to provide help to the National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh. Anyone who has read my travelogues will know that the Museum is one of my favourite haunts when I'm in the capital and so the arrival of a brand new book by FKC is music to my ears. In a open-air launch at the Museum last week, KFC President Helen Jessup presented the new publication aimed at the growing numbers of foreign and local visitors to the Museum as well as a larger global readership. The book, titled Masterpieces of the National Museum of Cambodia, presents 80 masterpieces from the collection, in stone, wood and bronze, and is in four languages: Khmer, English, French, and Japanese. The publication is self-sustaining, with profits applied to projects proposed by the Museum that might include a bookshop, cafe and other much needed facilities including brochures and pamphlets for public education and to help with plans for improved display of the exhibits and training for the Museum's staff.

You can find out more about Friends of Khmer Culture here.

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