Friday, August 18, 2006

The New Internationalist - April 1993

A special issue of The New Internationalist magazine that came out in April 1993 was edited by journalist John Pilger and titled Cambodia - Return to Year Zero. You can read the main articles from the issue on-line here. It gives you a flavour of the recent past and present at that time and looked nervously into the future in the run up to the UN-sponsored elections that were due the following month. It also shared the same title as John Pilger's sixth documentary film that he and David Munro had made about Cambodia and which aired on British tv on 20 April and thereafter in some 30 countries. The main thrust of the documentary was the warning that the Khmer Rouge could be on their way back to power after the United Nations had legitimized those responsible for the 'killing fields'. Included in the contents were articles by Ben Kiernan, Paul Donovan, Chanthou Boua, Joan Healy and Pilger himself.

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CASUNIK, the Cambodian Society in the United Kingdom will celebrate the traditional P'chum Ben Ceremony on Saturday 16th September 2006, at the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, Great Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The remembrance ceremony proceedings - when respects are paid to the deceased through offerings of paper money, food and drink to the monks - will begin at 10am, whilst the Annual General Meeting of CASUNIK and its members will follow at 1.30pm. For more details about CASUNIK, click here.
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I've just been sent a manuscript of an unpublished novel written by a friend which focuses on Cambodia. Right down my street you might say. So I can give it the attention it deserves, I may be a bit quiet on the posting front over the next few days.

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Thanks for the NI link Andy, some great historical reading there, still relevant today.