Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Camerado on film

Filmmaker Jason Rosette, aka Camerado, has now been in Cambodia for a year and a half and he's already made two documentaries about Cambodian issues, namely Crisis, which is about land alienation(land-grabbing) in indigenous areas such as Ratanakiri, and his most recent work, Have Forest, Have Life, a co-production for WildAid, Conservation International and FFI. Both of these are viewable on google video and can be accessed from his website here. Whilst living in Phnom Penh, he's also edited his second feature film, a social fiction feature called Susan Hero, which was shot on location in the US and New Mexico. His first feature was the highly-acclaimed and gritty Bookwars: Life on the Streets of New York.

For his third feature, Camerado (pictured) is focusing on Cambodia and is currently developing a film titled Snack, Breakfast, Dinner, which will contain interconnecting stories on the ground and in the air during America's secret bombing of Cambodia, known as Operation Menu. He's keen for this feature to be as locally produced as possible, with Khmer talent in front and behind the camera. One stumbling block has been getting hold of a fuselage section of a B-52 which can be used as a mockup for the interior bombing scenes. Has anyone got one in their backyard? He's also been busy shooting and making lots of shorts and smaller stuff: one about the boat races, also working on one about the resurgence of kites. Keep your eyes peeled for more of Camerado's work.


LadyMariam said...

I met Jason at the 2006 Bangkok International Film Festival and Film Market, along with his partner, Chan Norn. They are great guys! I'm glad to read the update.


LadyMariam said...

I met Jason and his partner, Chan Norn, at the 2006 Bangkok International Film Festival and Film Market. They are great guys!

When I went to Cambodia, it was wonderful to see their friendly faces again. I also visited Norn's orphanage under construction. I look forward to seeing them again soon.

camerado said...

Wow, Andy, flattering Blog (though very true!) Anyway, have just finished Hollywood Blackout on the new Intel iMac now running here in Phnom Penh, am gearing up for a research trip for Breakfast, Snack, Dinner next week.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, stay tuned for more info at