Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Year Baby - work in progress

Socheata Poeuv (pictured) was born on Cambodian New Year in a Thai refugee camp and her parents never told her how she got there. Then one Christmas Day, her parents called a family meeting. They sat her down with her brother and two older sisters to reveal astonishing secrets they'd kept locked away for 25 years. Her parent’s revelation raised more questions than it answered, so she became determined to document the full story - and New Year Baby is her personal documentary - a search for the truth about how her family survived the Khmer Rouge genocide and why they buried the truth for so long.

Director and Producer Socheata Poeuv makes her filmmaking debut with New Year Baby. She is on the staff at NBC News Dateline in the US and made an emotional visit with her parents to Cambodia last year. The documentary is still in production and no date has yet been set for its release. However, you can find out more about the project at the New Year Baby website here.

Socheata and her parents

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