Friday, August 11, 2006

Cathy Shipton - multi-talented actress

I keep telling myself to buy a digital camera and bring myself into the 21st century - but do I listen - obviously not! Instead I put my head in the sand and stick with my point and shoot and wait for the photo-lab to develop my photos - hence the delay. In this case, the photo below is of actress Cathy Shipton and yours truly outside the venue for the Schools for Children of Cambodia half-yearly meeting; during which Cathy told the audience of her recent experiences in Cambodia, where she was filming for the BBC tv series Casualty, and her visit to one of the schools that SCC are supporting by providing free education for the children who attend. The anniversary episode of Casualty - the reason why five of the cast members travelled to Cambodia - will be screened on the weekend of 23 & 24 September on BBC1 in the UK. Cathy tells me that her own daughter's school are planning to 'adopt' the Lolei school and will be sending them decorated boxes of pictures and gifts in the new year. Meanwhile, Cathy is starting a teaching course next month to add yet another string to her bow, that also includes authoring a book on running and completing no less than four marathons! You can read more about the SCC meeting here.

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