Friday, January 04, 2008

What's been happening?

Well, last night I met up with Dave and Colleen from the Peace of Angkor guesthouse in Siem Reap, at the Rising Sun for our annual 'hello'. Both of them were in good spirits and Colleen has now pledged her future to Cambodia after a few months back home in England, which she hated. Also joining us for refreshments was Keith Kelly, the graphic design chief for the flashy free magazine available here called Asia Life. I can't believe its connected but this morning I had another bout of diarrhea that didn't stop until after lunchtime. I really don't feel well and went home during my dinner-break for a siesta. If I'm going to be ill, I always want to be at home when it happens. In fact I should be on the road to Siem Reap today in preparation for the annual Hanuman Party, where the boss will thank the staff for another great year of effort and everyone lets their hair down. Unfortunately, a series of reasons has meant a postponement until the 19th, but never fear it will take place.
Lots of gnashing of teeth over at the seaside in Sihanoukville after a fire virtually wiped out their main market, and over 900 stalls and livelihoods, late on Wednesday night. Its not the first time a market has gone up in flames in the town, and it comes on the back of the authorities wanting the stall owners to vacate the land in favour of a new market area. A similar thing happened in Pursat in April last year, when 700 stalls were razed to the ground in a 16-hour long inferno. I hope the Russian Market stall-owners in Phnom Penh have insurance!
Whoops, nearly forgot. As widely predicted, tourist arrivals hit the 2 million mark in Cambodia last year. There's already a tight squeeze on hotel accommodation in Siem Reap and now we're seeing the same thing happen in Phnom Penh. Where will it all end? Answers on a postcard to the Minister of Tourism, whoever that might be this week.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Andy I am glad that you are in Cambodia to follow your passion for the country. But I am worry about your illness. Wash your hands often and try not to eat food that is not cleaned. Your digestive system is new to Cambodian food and Cambodian's environment. My friends and I had the same symptoms/diahrea when we were in Cambodia. Also, try to be careful with ice,don't drink street ice. It is not made from cleaned water.