Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Headwear selection

A cobweb covered devata on the wall of Ta Prohm at Tonle Bati
The author looking considerably less stylish, pictured at Wa Ka Koh yesterday
Two very different types of headwear are on display in the above photos. The top photo is one of the Apsaras or devatas (heavenly goddess) that adorn the walls of the main Ta Prohm sanctuary at Tonle Bati, which I visited yesterday. This carving is from the late 12th century when this temple was constructed under the kingship of Jayavarman VII, the master temple builder of the ancient Khmer kingdom. Like the devatas at Angkor Wat, each of the figures at Ta Prohm are individually unique. You can also see a faint trace of red paint on her lips.
The bottom photo is a very different, if not unique, head-covering. This is a 'barang' wearing a krama very badly and without any of the style and poise shown in abundance by the heavenly goddesses. In fact, someone should really tell this individual that a barang in a krama looks decidedly silly. For other awful headgear worn by this individual, click here.


Wanna Khan said...

Hi Andy,

It sounds rather strange and interesting to me that you've spent your new year holiday by discovering Cambodian countryside rather than going to parties.

By the ways, I love your ordinary style :)

Andy said...

Hi Wanna, I can't think of anything better than spending my free-time discovering the Cambodian countryside. Don't think I'm an angel though, as I was up til 2am that same morning, seeing in the new year like most of the revellers. Hence why I look so drawn and haggard in the photo! Well, that's my excuse...