Wednesday, January 09, 2008

S-21 Paintings # 2

An impression by Vann Nath of how the gallows in the school grounds were used for torture
Water torture of varying degrees was a common torture technique
Another type of water torture, inflicted on prisoners to obtain confessions
More of the torture techniques employed by the KR interrogators
Scorpions and electric shocks were also employed to obtain confessions
A further 5 paintings by artist Vann Nath, that currently hang in Block D at Tuol Sleng/S-21 in Phnom Penh. Vann Nath painted them at the back-end of 1979 as the museum was opened to international visitors before opening to Cambodian visitors the following year. He painted a new series of scenes from his own arrest and imprisonment for an exhibition at the Bophana Center last year, and I understand the exhibition will soon travel to Bangkok and then into Europe later in the year. The paintings at S-21 have now been put into glass-frames, hence the reflections you can see on some of the photos.

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