Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tuol Sleng's Block B

The out-of-bounds first floor of Block B contains the S-21 archive
The top floor of Block B houses an exhibition of photos and stories from the book, Stilled Lives
One of the Stilled Lives stories involves sisters Mong Sam Oeun (left) and Kep Sothea (right)
Four effigies of Pol Pot behind bars - something that never happened whilst he was alive
Some of the leg irons and shackles found in Block B by the invading Vietnamese forces
The building known as Block B houses the S-21 archive of confessions, lists, photos and papers left by the Khmer Rouge as they fled from the Vietnamese invaders on its first floor. This floor is off-limits to all except those with a key to the padlocked gate. The second floor has been cleared - it was found by the Vietnamese to contain heaps of shackles, handcuffs, whips and lengths of chain - and now contains an exhibition of photos from the DC-Cam produced book, Stilled Lives. This is a look at the families of Khmer Rouge cadre. On the ground floor of Block B is a vast collection of photographs of victims, Khmer Rouge guards and interrogators, pictures of killing fields' sites and other paraphernalia.

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