Monday, January 21, 2008

Skinny frog

Matey, on our first meeting in December 2003
Everyone knows it, Cambodian kids are adorable, and they don't come much more adorable than Matey - or 'skinny frog' was how she was introduced to me when we first met in December 2003. She's the younger sister of my god-daughter Vansy and if its possible, she's more of a tomboy than her elder sister. She was missing her front teeth when we first met - hence her closed-mouth smile above - but at the party in Kien Svay yesterday, she's sporting a brilliant row of beaming white front teeth that any kid would be proud of. I've met her on a few occasions now, on various trips to her parents' house in Kien Svay district, and whenever we meet she welcomes me with the shout of "Andy Garredo" and "Smackdown" - who are in turn, her favourite wrestling star and her favourite sport! And then engages me in her latest wrestling move - as I said, she's a real tomboy, with such an adorable and outgoing personality that you can't fail to be won over. She spent most of the party clearing tables and picking up litter, as is the task of the younger kids at these events but she also found time to play and run around like a lunatic as she always does, and of course, to practice her latest wresting move on me!
Matey, with beaming smile, at yesterday's party


Wanna Khan said...

You're always surrounded by kids. Matey looks like a real boy in the top photo :)

Andy said...

Yes, deep down I'm still a kid at heart. And usually there's no sides to children, what you see is what you get, and in Cambodia, that means innocent fun. and of course, children are the largest %age of the population, so they're everywhere you turn. Matey is a great kid, and just so typical of the children that melt your heart here in Cambodia.