Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Block D at Tuol Sleng

The northern most building at Tuol Sleng, Block D
Implements of death and torture used at Tuol Sleng
Public Enemy & Brother Number One - Pol Pot
Some of the famous faces that died under the Pol Pot regime include the singers Sin Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea and Houy Meas
The S-21 Seven, initially believed to be the only survivors from Tuol Sleng. Subsequently, the number has risen. Vann Nath is the tallest of this group
The final building at Tuol Sleng is Block D at the northern end of the complex, which contains a series of photographs, original paintings by Vann Nath and the skulls of some of those killed at the prison, on the ground floor. The horrific wall map of Cambodia composed of skulls and bones was taken down a few years ago. It was meant to shock when the museum was first opened in 1980 and it succeeded but stepped over the line of decency in more recent times. The first floor of this renovated (or simply given a lick of paint) building contains a photo exhibition from DC-Cam with pictures of Khmer Rouge personnel and more recent photos of the same individuals as they are today. The second floor houses a screening room where a film by Rithy Panh called Bophana is shown twice a day, and some empty rooms.

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