Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tonle Bati moments

Three worshippers in stone at the entrance to Ta Prohm temple at Tonle Bati
A headless statue in one of the chambers deep within Ta Prohm temple
A view of the central sanctuary at Ta Prohm taken from the temple wall
Today, and over the next few days I will post some of my photos from my New Year's Day trip to Tonle Bati. And I will also post a trip report when I can find a few spare minutes to write it up. Each Sunday or public holiday I've been trying to get out of the city and into the countryside, where for me, the real Cambodia comes alive. I've visited the two temples at Tonle Bati, about 30 kilometres south of the city, a few times before on my various trips to Cambodia and I've always found them a quiet and relaxing haven away from the madness that is Phnom Penh. The same can be said for Phnom Chisor and Phnom Da, both of which are on my list to re-visit in the next few weeks.

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