Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wall paintings at Sala Trapeang Sva # 1

Four of the victims of the Khmer Rouge who've been identified by family members and their likenesses painted in their honour
A painting depicting the building of canals and dykes under the orders of the Khmer Rouge
Torture including the ripping out of tongues, recalls the work of Vann Nath, which can be seen at the Tuol Sleng Museum
Victims were tortured in water containers by the black-shirted Khmer Rouge
The wall paintings in the sala next door to the genocide memorial stupa at Sala Trapeang Sva are fairly recent additions. Whilst the stupa was constructed in 1999, the vivid paintings, reminiscent in style to those painted by Vann Nath that hang in the Tuol Sleng Museum in Phnom Penh, were completed in September 2004. Each of the seven panels was painted at a cost of $35 by an unknown artist. Unfortunately, there was no-one around to provide any more detailed information.

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