Sunday, January 13, 2008

The new 2,000 Riel banknote

The 5th gopura at Preah Vihear is denoted on the new 2,000 Riel banknote
The National Bank of Cambodia has just entered into circulation a brand spanking new 2,000 Riel banknote, which has taken days for me to get hold of a copy. I'd heard it contained a picture of Preah Vihear on the new note, and so it does. Its particularly topical as Cambodia has been desperately trying to get World Heritage status for the temple and as well as this extra slice of publicity amongst the country's currency, the authorities are also making changes at the temple itself. The souvenir and drink vendors have been moved out of the temple courtyards and down to the bottom of the first flight of stairs, and the word is that the village which sits next to the border crossing with Thailand, will also be cleared away pretty soon. Back to the banknote, it's equivalent to half a US dollar and replaces an equal value of tattered 1,000 Riel notes that have been taken out of circulation and destroyed.
The other side of the 2,000 Riel banknote shows harvesting in the shadow of Angkor Wat


Wanna Khan said...

Hi Andy,
Is it made of polymer?

Allan said...

wanna khan, it is a regular paper banknote.. what gave u the idea that it was polymer?