Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tonle Bati & the Three Srey's

The Three Srey's look decidely nervous next to the 'barang'
Typical smiles from the Three Srey's on the steps of Yeay Peau
The Three Srey's framed by a doorway at Ta Prohm temple
And of course, no photos of my visit to Tonle Bati would be complete without the Three Srey's, who kept me entertained on my two hour visit to the temples. In age order, Srey Ng was the youngest at six years old and is wearing the striped top; Srey Lin was seven and has long hair, while Srey Nean was the older of the trio at eight years old and can be seen carrying the incense sticks in every photo. They were great fun and certainly enhanced my visit to the temples of Ta Prohm and Yeay Peau.

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