Sunday, March 04, 2007

Update on Vansy

My recent return to Cambodia allowed me to meet up with lots of old friends and one in particular, Vansy. She's now 14 and growing up so fast, is doing really well at regular school and is so determined to learn and speak English to give herself, as she tells me, the chance of a career as a teacher or tour guide. I wanted to see the standard of the extra English classes she receives for an hour each day so I paid an unannounced visit to her evening class, only to find that the teacher was absent, so I took an impromptu lesson myself. It was abundantly clear that she's a 'leader' amongst her peers, the other students look up to her and her English is improving leaps and bounds each time I see her. We practised as much as we could in the few days I was with her and her family and I'm so proud of the way she applies herself and absorbs everything. I've now been afforded the privilege of 'god-father' status, which I will take very seriously. She's as bright as a button and I hope I can help her blossom into a confident and successful young woman. You can read more about Vansy here.

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Andy P said...

Andy, you'd be surprised how often the teacher is missing, even at private lessons. As for government schools... you'd cry. Like you, we think that Cambodian kids are great, and girls like Vansy are real gems. Somehow they will make it, despite the education system.