Friday, March 30, 2007

Noung's latest photo

In March 1998 I first met Noung in the corridors of Angkor Wat. She was a bright and bubbly twelve year old souvenir seller, and we've remained good friends ever since. You can see some photos of Noung through the years here. I hadn't seen her on my last couple of visits to Cambodia, so in January I was determined to track her down and I was in luck. She'd just returned to work at her stall in the grounds of Angkor Wat and was accompanied by her husband, Mean Somnang and their very recent addition to their family. Noung and her family are still at Angkor Wat, every day, and husband Somnang is a camry driver and can be contacted on 012 636 094. One reunion that I wasn't expecting was with Noung's elder sister, Socheata. However, I'll tell you about that in another posting.

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