Monday, March 12, 2007

New Year Baby screening in UK

Okay folks, its finally here, the most talked about documentary on Cambodia for a long time. New Year Baby is a personal 75 minute expose by Socheata Poeuv, whose family ultimately survived the genocide under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge and settled in the US. Years later her parents reveal a secret that they have kept hidden from her for 25 years - a secret that leads to further revelations when she returns with her parents and brother for the first time to Cambodia. Socheata was born on the Cambodian New Year in a Thai refugee camp. The documentary has earned prizes, awards, accolades and kudos from just about every corner of the globe as it does the round of all the prestigious film and documentary festivals, and its finally made it to England. You have three opportunities to see it in England as part of the OXDOX : MK Film Festival, which is showing over 100 international documentaries between 10th-25th March in Oxford, London and Milton Keynes.

Saturday 17th March, 6.15pm at Cineworld in Milton Keynes.
Sunday 18th March, 5.45pm at The Old Fire Station in Oxford (I'll be there).
Tuesday 20th March, 6.30pm at The Renoir in London.

Socheata has recently returned to the US after a month in Cambodia, travelling around the country with friends and completing a couple of screenings of her film. Her travelling party suffered a serious accident enroute and you can read more about this and the story behind the making of the documentary at the film's website. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I urge you to get out and see the film when it comes to your neighbourhood.

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