Friday, March 02, 2007

Loung Ung

I posted a blog-item on Loung Ung a few days ago and forgot to include this photo of Loung and myself, taken when we joined up for a chat and a meal in Phnom Penh during my recent visit to Cambodia. Loung was in Cambodia seeing family and writing an outline for her new book (sorry, I'm sworn to secrecy). She is scheduled to come to London in the next month or so for the publication of both her books in England & Europe, so I hope we can catch up again, this time on my home territory. This lady holds a special place in a lot of hearts around the globe, and mine is no exception.
You can read more about Loung Ung here.


richard said...

hey Andy
will Loung be making a public visit for the book release this month . If so can you tell us when and where that will be .

Andy said...

hi Richard,
yes i'm sure Loung will be 'available' to the public at some stage. I'm just waiting to hear what her schedule will be. When I get it so will you.

On her last visit, oh so many years ago, Loung made just one public appearance, at a book-signing/reading in B'ham, the rest of the time she was being interviewed by journo's.

regards, Andy