Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kompong Khleang's film-set

I spent an interesting few hours in the 'floating village' of Kompong Khleang on my most recent visit to Cambodia in January. Its a massive, sprawling community, believed to be the biggest of its kind on the Tonle Sap Lake and we spent an enjoyable morning there, and were made particularly welcome by the people we met. Much like its neighbour, Kompong Phluk, the main thoroughfare, during the dry season, looks like something out of a spaghetti-western film-set, with its high-rise homes set on tall wooden stilts along a dusty street. Above is a typical house on stilts though it will look completely different in the wet season, when the water level will rise substantially and the steps to the house will disappear under water. I certainly want to return at that time to experience the other side of Kompong Khleang.


Wanna said...

You didn't mention which province Kompong Khleang is located in. This looks very similar to Chh'nuk Trou, a floating village in Pursat(not so sure, it may be in Kampong Chhnang) province. Chh'nuk Trou is famous for its fish and Prahok production :)

Andy said...

Hi Wanna,
I'm not too sure which province Kompong Khleang is in but its on the eastern edge of the Tonle Sap Lake, a little south of Kompong Phluk and accessible via the market town of Damdek. Most likely its Siem Reap province, or just on the border.
I've yet to go to Chhuk Tru in Kompong Chhnang province though its somewhere that I'm aiming to visit in the future. I did visit the large floating village of Kompong Luong last year, which is in nearby Pursat province. And like all the floating villages I've been to, the people are extremely friendly.