Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday scribbles...

Just a few scribbles before I go & watch the documentary film New Year Baby at the OXDOC film festival in Oxford. Really looking forward to seeing it after reading so many reviews giving it great praise. I'll let you know what I think of it tomorrow.
I was disappointed when I bought the Sunday Times this morning...the eagerly-awaited interview with Loung Ung by Jon Swain was nowhere to be seen! That is until I looked at the version, and there it was!
I got in after 4am this morning after attending a reggae concert in Birmingham, headlined by The Mighty Diamonds, a well-known reggae combo from Jamaica. As usual with all events at The Drum run by independent promoters, the concert started very late but it was great to see a 25-minute set by Yaz Alexander, singing her new release, Empress for the first time. Yaz sounded great, looked fantastic and really warmed the audience up for the main act. Disappointingly for me, the mic's for the Diamond's trio of vocalists were turned down far too low and left me feeling a bit cheated for a group that relies heavily on its vocal harmonies. Very frustrating. More on Yaz a little today.
Lastly, I spent most of yesterday celebrating the progress of Kidderminster Harriers through to the final of the FA Trophy, which will be played at Wembley in May. Though we lost 3-2 at Northwich on the day (though the referee had an absolute shocker of a match), we won 4-3 on aggregare over the two legged semi-final, so I'm still a bit hoarse this morning after shouting myself silly. Come on you Harriers!

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