Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shopfitters or shoplifters?

These shopfitters have just come onto the road from the archway on the right
This is actually quite a common sight in Cambodia, where teams of men carry/wheel/shift wooden houses and shops from one side of the street to the other or from one village to another! It always makes me smile to see this taking place and the shopfitters (or should that be shoplifters) always see the funny side of a barang taking pictures of them going about their daily lives. For them its not unusual, for me, I've never seen it happen in England! This shop-move took place this morning in Kompong Cham province on Route 71 in a village called Donthy.

" Easy does it," shouts the foreman, in Khmer obviously
And off they go, taking the shop to its new location


leakana in lb said...

Haha this was a great post. You're always in the right place at the right time for a not-a-run-of-the-mill picture. Well I'm glad shopkeepers there aren't confined to one place, because you know in business, it's all about location, location, and location. Props to them for making a change - be it for a change of scenery or for a change of strategy.

Andy said...

Dear Leakana, what a lovely comment you make, in fact you make me blush! Location, location, location is a popular saying in UK too.
I wish I was in the right place at the right time for many more photos...often I am left kicking myself for missing the best photo by a few seconds.
What i would like to do is wear a hat with a camera strapped to the top, so that whenever i see a great photo opportunity, I just need to blink my eye and a photo is taken - good idea?? That way I would capture some great shots....